300-Hour TriYoga Therapeutic Essentials

This 300 hour program is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Applicants must be have RYT-200 hour status. Training can be in any yoga style. Graduates are eligible to register as RYT-500.

TriYoga Boston’s Therapeutic Yoga Training Programs are based on a holistic, client centered, evidenced based approach, taught by highly credentialed faculty.

The full spectrum program offers a flexible schedule with rolling admission. Philosophy includes online sessions with Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga.

In order to make the program more accessible we do not charge large up-front tuition fees. You can pay as you go.


Overview of program

300 Hour Yoga Alliance Program (for RYT-500)
Yoga Techniques   Contact Hrs Non-Contact Total Hours Scheduled
Intro to TriYoga Therapeutics Brahmi Gold-Bernstein & Lorrie Jacobsohn 12 12 10/20/2018-10/21/2018
Wall Yoga 12 12 10/19/2019-10/20/2019
Chair Yoga 12 12 10/22/2018-10/23/2018
Supported Yogasana 6 6 10/24/18
Flows for neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands 6 6 10/21/19
Flows for hips, pelvis, knees, ankles, feet 6 6 10/22/19
Yoga for Back Pain Brahmi (Beth Gold-Bernstein); 12 12 11/4/2018- 11/5/2017
Prana Vidya Brahmi (Beth Gold-Bernstein) E-RYT 500 12 12 5/5/2017; 12/1/2018;
Mudra Yogini Kaliji and Brahmi 6 6 10/23/19
Nada Yoga Vidya Kaliji & Brahmi 12 12 2/4/18
Yoga and Chronic Pain Lorrie Jacobsohn, Brahmi Gold-Bernstein 12 12 1/21/2018-1/22/2018
Yoga for Chronic Disease Lorrie Jacobsohn, Brahmi Gold-Bernstein 12 12 11/18/2017 – 11/19/2017
120 0 120
Methodology   Contact Non-Contact Total Scheduled
Postural Assessment Brahmi (Beth Gold-Bernstein) 6 6 1/20/19
Principles of the Therapeutic Relationship and Motivational Interviewing Lorrie Jacobsohn 35 35 2/17-28/2018 & 3/17-18/2018 & 5/6/2018
Clinical Assessment Tools and Methodology Lorrie Jacobsohn & Brahmi Gold-Bernstein 3 3 9/16/2-018
44 0 44
Anatomy & Physiology   Contact Non-Contact Total Scheduled
Choose one Anatomy Trains Carrie Gaynor 14 15 9/23/2017-9/24/2017
Anatomy for Yoga Therapists Kim Beecher, D.C. 12 12 6/23/2018-6/24/2018
Human Anatomy and Physiology Lorrie Jacobsohn 6 6 6/24/17
18 0 18
Philosophy, Ethics and Yogic Lifestyle Contact Hrs Non-Contact Total Hours Scheduled
Samkhya Yoga Kaliji 7 12 19 9/17/2017 & 11/5/2017
Subtle Anatomy Kaliji 1 4 5 43170
Yoga Sutras Kaliji 7 12 19 42876
Ahimsa Diet: Food as Medicine Kelli Roberts, Vegan Chef 12 12 4/22/2017 – 4/23/2017
Creating a Sankalpa Brahmi Gold-Bernstein & Lorrie Jacobsohn 3 3 1/1/2018;1/1/2019
30 28 58
Practicum/Internship   Contact Hrs Non-Contact Total Hours Scheduled
Yoga Therapy meet-ups Beth (Brahmi) Gold-Bernstein), & Lorrie Jacobsohn 26 26 Monthly
Observe clinic or group yoga therapy class Beth (Brahmi) Gold-Bernstein), & Lorrie Jacobsohn 4 4 Weekly and Monthly
30 0 30
Total Required hours   242 28 270
Electives       30
Choose from the following: Scheduled
Healing Anxiety and Depression with Yoga Lorrie Jacobsohn, 14 14 11/17/2018- 11/18/2019
Healing Trauma with Yoga Lorrie Jacobsohn 14 14 9/22/2019-9/23/2019
Yoga and Substance Use Recovery Lorrie Jacobsohn, Kate McHugh, Sylvia Mignon 12 12 9/29/2018-9/30/2018
Yoga for Arthritis Level 1 Steffany Moonaz 30 30 10/19/2017-10/23/2017
Yoga in Cancer Treatment & Recovery Part 1 Jnani Cohen 24 30 11/9/2019 – 11/11/2019
Yoga for Parkinson’s Tamara Rork DeAngelis, PT, Cathi Thomas, MS, RN, CNRN, Beth (Brahmi) Gold-Bernstein,, Lorraine Jacobsohn 30 12 4/21/2018-4/25/2018
Additional Hours observing Clinic or Group Yoga Therapy Class Brahmi Gold-Bernstein & Lorrie Jacobsohn Weekly and Monthly


Lead Faculty

Seventh Chakra - Seated Meditation

Yogini Kaliji, Founder of TriYoga

Kaliji is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga®. Traveling extensively, Kaliji has taught TriYoga on a daily basis for over 30 years. She has presented 45 keynote addresses, major presentations and in-depth programs at yoga conferences and other venues worldwide, and has been featured widely in the media. She was featured in the book Secrets of the World’s Inspirational Women, with photos of the women in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. Kaliji’s presence, her mastery of the flow and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired and transformed countless lives.

In the tradition of ancient yoga, TriYoga is guided by Kriyavati siddhi as it flows through Kaliji. She has systematized asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), and dharana (concentration techniques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000 hasta mudras (hand gestures) have expressed through her. TriYoga, which includes the full range of yoga practices, is taught in 40+ countries by over 1400+ certified teachers (250+ in China), and 52 TriYoga Centers and Communities have been established, including centers in Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United States.


Brahmi (Beth Gold-Bernstein), E-RYT 500, Director TriYoga Boston and Yoga Therapy Training Program

Brahmi has been practicing yoga since 1976, began teaching in 1982, and began her magical, mystical, and transformative journey with TriYoga in 1993. Brahmi is a senior TriYoga instructor and Teacher Trainer, and has created the Yoga Therapy Training programs with Lorrie Jacobsohn.  She has assisted Kaliji in workshops nationally and internationally, and continues to study with Kaliji every opportunity possible.





Lorrie Jacobsohn, RN, MSN, PMHCNS-BC, APHN-BC, E-RYT500, Director Yoga Therapy Training Program

Lorrie is a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist and an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse in the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Department and Co-Director of the Yoga Therapy Training Program at TriYoga Boston. She has expertise in crisis intervention, trauma, psychiatric and mental health issues.

300 Hour Program Cost

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“Many thanks for the excellent training, support and encouragement you provided to help me accomplish this professional milestone.” Barbara Sherman, PhD, C-IAYT, RYT-500

“The atmosphere at TriYoga Boston is consistently inspiring and supportive, encouraging each student to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the beautiful gift of Yoga as a therapeutic offering for themselves and the community.” Esther Isenberg, RYT-500

“TriYoga Boston created a welcoming center for study and offered a variety of teachers and subjects that allowed you to explore new areas of interest and focus the journey of yoga on a broader base of knowledge.” Blake France, RYT-500

“Excellent Program and Teachers! This program really teaches you what you need to know about therapeutic yoga, different medical issues and injuries, and how to be a superb teacher!”  Heather Fitzpatrick, RYT-500

“A very positive experience! Comprehensive program in an environment conducive to learning and growth as a teacher. Lead teachers have a great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience imparted to students with insight, compassion and professionalism.” Helen T., RYT-500

Congratulations to our graduates:

Brahmi Gold-Bernstein

Lorrie Jacobsohn

Camille Kittrell

Barbara Sherman

Erin LoPorto

Nancy Deckard

Cheryl Maloney

Ruth Landsman

Helen Theodosiou

 Lynn Hickey Shultz

Blake France

Kelly Froio

Jacqui Sweeney