Yoga for Snow Shoveling

A state of emergency has just been declared and we’re all hunkering down waiting for a potentially “historic blizzard” to hit.  It’s safe to assume there’s going to be a whole lot of shoveling going on.  And where’s there’s shovelingProper Snow Shoveling there’s the potential for sore shoulders and backs.  So even though the yoga center will remain closed through the storm, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice yoga.

To avoid strain or injury, practice conscious postural awareness while you are shoveling.  Bend your knees, engage your core and keep the spine lengthened when pushing and lifting the shovel. 

When you come in and warm up, try some après shoveling yoga.  For sore shoulders, do neck and shoulder rolls.  For a sore lower back, try some bridge rolls and a spinal twist. Here’s an online video you can watch (see Free the Spine).  

And for a complete back tune-up come to the 2-hour Yoga for Back Pain workshop, Saturday, January 31, 1-3 pm.  

Stay warm and safe.


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