Intuitive Energy Healing with Emily

6 out of 10 Americans live with chronic illness today, while research increasingly points to unyielding stress having a negative impact on our health & well-being in ways that can change our DNA. Our days can sometimes reflect the distracted uncertain and unhealthy aspects of our culture, ones we’re seeing play out on a regular basis in myriad ways. 

Often, we don’t give ourselves the time & space needed to slow down and connect to our wisdom within.

Intuitive energy healing is a powerful journey that takes a deeper dive into physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels to explore conscious & unconscious blocks that keep us from moving forward in desired areas of our lives. It taps energy frequencies to unearth insights and facilitates energetic shifts in ways that complement conventional medicine and other healing modalities:  

30% off first session. $75 for 75 minutes.  

Initial 3 sessions (1 75-minute session and 2 one-hour sessions) $225


Bio: Emily Klein has worked at the intersection of strategy, operations, marketing and business development and has held leadership roles with enterprise, mid-market and start-up firms. She is a published author, writer, executive coach and engaging speaker on topics ranging from the future of work and workspace design, to integrative health and wellness to advancing women leaders. 


After a sudden diagnosis which culminated in unexpected surgery and a healing journey, Emily made a commitment to exploring complementary modalities to facilitate healing on a deeper level than choosing a conventional treatment path alone. She joined a talented group of healers studying with Shaman and Master Energy Healer Mary Ann Robbat with CFLH and is excited to join the TriYoga Boston community.