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Over 40 people from around the world tuned into Part 2 of Yogini Kaliji’s live online course on Samkhya Yoga. Samkhya was founded by Sage Kapila approximately 600 BC and contains the complete knowledge of evolution and involution of consciousness. Kaliji said that the knowledge of Samkhya can be found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. It is foundational yoga knowledge.

In Part 2 Kaliji explained the Samkyha chart starting with Purusa and Prakriti. The roots of Purusa are Pur which means body and sa, which means that which dwells in. Purusa is the unchanging eternal supreme intelligence, the silent witness of creation that dwells within. The involution of consciousness is experiencing the unchanging consciousness of Purusa.

The roots of Prakriti are pra, which means first or before and kr which means to make or produce. Prakriti is referred to as energy. It is changeable. Samkhya says that something cannot come out of nothing. Kaliji referred to Prakriti as the “womb of creation”.

To explain evolution Kaliji used the metaphor of a baby’s development. The birth requires the father and the mother. From the initial paring comes Mahat, universal consciousness. Kaliji likened Mahat to a baby’s pure presence and how enticing and engaging that is. Kaliji said “the wisdom of Mahat shines through in moments of clarity, like the sun that is always there but sometimes obscured by clouds.”

The baby begins to want things, and identify things as “mine”. This is the development of Ahamkara, the individuation of consciousness characterized by desires and attachments. The purification of Ahamaka, going beyond the desires and attachments through right action, enables the involution of consciousness and the experience of Purusa.

Kaliji went on to explain the gunas, and all 24 Tattvas, giving examples to make it easy to relate to these important and foundation yogic philosophical principles.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 are available for replay. Part 3 is November 22 and Part 4 will be December 13. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a Master. More info

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