Retreat to Frenchman’s Cove

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Frenchman’s Cove is a unique property developed in the 1960’s as an all inclusive, extremely high end exclusive resort.  It was envisioned as a retreat center for the movers and shakers of the world.  The concept was that you pay a flat free for 2 weeks and that included EVERYTHING, including a cook who cleans and does laundry, a bartender, and a  you want – drinks, food, excursions, etc. There was a wonderful article in Sports Illustrated in May, 1960 explaining the experience as a series of letters, because at the end his wife wouldn’t let him write the article because she didn’t want other people knowing about it and going there because it would be spoiled. Interestingly they found that although they were offered absolutely everything they asked for, what they ultimately realized they wanted nothing except to be completely content in the beauty of Frenchman’s Cove.  

This is where the yogis have the advantage. We know we can reach contentment by letting go, rather than by grasping for more.  Frenchman’s is a perfect place to do it. By the end of the week it was pure contentment – Santosha. Wanting nothing more than to be in the present moment.  A great gift to all. 

This year we stayed in the villas overlooking the sea. Every villa is designed differently and all have beautiful views and outdoor areas to enjoy the view.  We had our meals privately at the deluxe villa with the completely redone kitchen where our amazing chef Michele Vig stayed and did the cooking. The food was fantastic vegan cuisine eaten outside overlooking the ocean. Couldn’t even conceive of a more beautiful place to have our meals.


This year Frenchman’s added a yoga shala.  We enjoyed the shady area by the crystal clear river. We turned off the music to listen to the birds and the surf. 

Yoga Shala

Yoga in the Shala 

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View from the Shala 

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We ended each day with a long yoga nidra. Lorrie and I wrote and led journeys through the koshas. My journey was to the wisdom tree, which actually existed on the property.  An amazing tree. An amazing journey.  

Wisdom tree with Brahmi

Group at Wisdom tree

Lorrie led a beautiful journey into the water of the cove, describing all the different blues and different temperatures. It was a beautiful end of our practice together.  

Yoga on the beach Sitting





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    I found your site and learned about this retreat through Christine Tulis. Would love to learn more.

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