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Our mission is to help our members optimize their health and well being. While coming together in a supportive sangha usually enhances well being, this extremely virulent virus puts us all at risk. We are a center that focuses on therapeutic yoga, and have many vulnerable students. The expert advice to halt the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable, is to practice social distancing. 

Therefore, we are closing the center for group classes immediately. This includes postponing Yogini Kaliji’s visit next weekend (refunds have already been issued). We understand how stressful this time is and how important your yoga practice is for relieving stress.  Starting tomorrow we will offer live online classes. The Zoom platform lets everyone on the class see and hear each other and ask live questions.  The full online class schedule is still being determined, but this weekend all scheduled classes will be held live online. 

To join a class, please register online.  If you have forgotten your password please contact us and we’ll send you an password reset. Please do not create another account. Once you register for the class we will send you instructions for logging into the live online class. We suggest you log in at least 15 minutes before class starts as you will need to download Zoom and test your microphone and camera. 

We plan to record these classes and make them available for replay, but are still working on getting that set up. Once we do everyone with a current membership will have free access to all recorded classes.  

We have removed all props from the center, cleaned and sanitized. Our wellness practitioners will continue to serve their private clients so if you need a massage, acupuncture, an Ayurveda consultation, energy or holistic healing, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. But please, if you have a cold or fever, stay home!

And please continue to practice good self care to improve immunity. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, practice all the limbs of yoga -including asana, pranayama and meditation. To avoid suffering stay present, let go of attachments to things not currently available. Stay in the flow! This too shall pass.





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