For Sale

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the items below. You can reserve items and make an appointment to come into the center to pick up your items. Items can also be picked up at the outdoor class on Columbus Day.

Clothing Sale:

T-shirts and jackets near cost. You can make an appointment to come into the center to shop and say goodbye.

Prop Sale:

8 foot Straps – $5 (blue and purple)

Blocks – $5 each

Small Pillows (limited quantity available) $15

Bolsters $25 (we have some with ripped covers – $10)

Wedges $5

Studio Mats (1/4 in thick) or New mats (1/8 in thick – hot pink) – $10

Sandweights $10 (please specify preferred style)

TY Sand Weight
Hugger Mugger Sandweight

Meditation Benches $30

Meditation Cushions $20 (blue or purple) Very comfortable for tortoise and butterfly

Stereo Console (we have 2) $100 or Best Offer

Small Cabinet (alter in meditation room) $125

Small Vertical Cabinet (15 in wide,  14 in deep,  36 in high) $75

Massage Table $85

8×10 Rug $95

Corner Changing Table $65

Padded Folding Chair $15 each

Bissell Steam Floor Cleaner $40 (like new)

Arm Chair $45

Bookcase $50

Microwave $35

Free to a good home:

Hibiscus Tree – has been part of the center for 20 years

Small refrigerator

Books (show in the bookcase)