Flowing Through Change

Yoga teaches us how to flow through change by remaining in the present, not remaining attached to the past, or anxiously projecting into the future. This year has been one of many changes and challenges for all of us.

In March we all quarantined in our homes to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. The center has been closed since then and we have adjusted to flowing together online. We have no idea when it will once again be safe to flow together in person. 

Our 10-year lease is up November 15th. Although we hoped the center would continue in perpetuity, we now need to let it go. We can not afford to keep paying rent and utilities on a closed center. Attachment – rāga – is one of the five Kleśas, the root causes of suffering (Sutra 2.3). We can use our yoga practice to flow through this change without suffering, instead celebrating what we created, the benefits yoga has given us, and the community we have formed. 

Gratitude has been clinically shown to be a powerful and effective practice for reducing pain, depression, anxiety and suffering. We can feel gratitude for technology that allows us to continue to practice together virtually. We can feel joy and gratitude for having found this practice that reduces physical pain, calms the mind, reduces stress, and almost always makes us feel better. Yoga has been clinically shown to improve the over 100 medical conditions. But even more than that, yoga is a set of practices to enable us to realize our highest potential.

Practicing together in our beautiful sacred space certainly enhanced the experience. But ultimately it is the practice that is important – not where we do it. Online works. And in these extremely stressful times (virus, election, and a long overdue reckoning on racial justice) it is even more important we continue to practice. Our practice will show us how to flow through it all with integrity, grace, and right action.  

TriYoga Boston will continue offering online classes without interruption. In service to our community we are offering weekly yoga nidra classes and prana vidya  (breathing and meditation) four times a week. These classes are free or by donation and have been shown to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. They also have the added benefit of requiring no yoga mat or space in your home. You can even join by phone. We want to enable all to enjoy the benefits of TriYoga.  

We have created a webpage celebrating the past decade at the center. This includes the pictures for before and after, thanks to our benefactors, founders, teachers, and testimonials of our students. We would love for you to add your voice by sharing what TriYoga has meant to you. 

If you need props or would like to own a piece of the center, check out our For Sale page.

Stay well everyone. Hope to see you online soon.

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