TriYoga Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Research has shown promising results yoga improving range of motion, posture, stability, balance, mood and quality of life. Therapeutic classes are appropriate for those recovering from illness or injury, movement disorders including MS and Parkinson’s, those will limited mobility, and those who wish to learn how to safely modify in other yoga classes.

We specialize in yoga for back pain, Parkinson’s, Cancer and Arthritis (offer advanced trainings for each). Before starting a therapeutic group class you will have a telephone or in-person assessment to determine your needs, goals, and which class would be best for you. Please contact us for more information.  

Free the Spine for back sufferers

Chair Yoga for seniors, movement disorders, balance issues, recovery from surgery or illness


Gentle Flow (Basics)

Basics classes are suitable for those new to yoga, those who want a gentle, slow-paced class, or those coming to yoga while healing. These classes include relaxing and rejuvenating posture sequences. Focus is placed on moving with the breath, freeing the spine, opening the hips, and strengthening upper body and core. 

Earth (Level 1)

Emphasis is alignment and creating a solid foundation for steady comfortable asanas, transforming the body into a vessel for the flow of subtle energy. Level 1 classes are suitable for those who have taken yoga before or those looking for a more strenuous class than a gentle and healing Basics class.

Water (Level 2)

Emphasis is on the flow – flowing in and out of asanas in effortless alignment, synchronizing movement with breath, and the flow of subtle energy.  This is an intermediate class. Suitable for those looking for more a more challenging practice. 

Fire (Level 3)

A strenuous practice, requiring strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is suitable for those who have knowledge of how to substitute asanas and transitions to maintain a safe practice.  Includes more advanced postures and strengthening transitions.

Within each level there is a wide variety of flow sequences offered.  Each TriYoga class has four flow sequences: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each class is a complete practice, including the 7 posture groups. Each posture Group corresponds to a Chakra. TriYoga flow sequences are sequenced to move energy through the subtle body. The origin of the TriYoga flows is Kaliji’s experiences with Kriyavati. See photos of Founder Kaliji demonstrating the 7 posture groups.