Online Class Information

“Let nothing interfere with this experience of Now. It’s where we get charged. It’s where we are healed and become transformed.” ~Yogini Kaliji

We are committed to supporting our community through sharing the healing and transformative practice of TriYoga. Regardless of what else is going on, yoga can help us flow through it with more presence and less suffering.

Social distancing is really just physical distancing. We are grateful that technology allows us to stay connected. As we practice together, flowing with breath, focus, and moment to moment awareness, distance dissolves. When experiencing the Now, we merge into One.

Now is the perfect time to start or continue with your daily meditation practice to help you keep you centered, focused and present. It is the antidote to anxiety and fear.  We are offering free prayamana and meditation classes 5 days a week.

As you adjust to your new schedules of being mostly at home, please let us know what classes and times would work best for you.

How to Join a Live Online Class

To join a class you will need to register and pay for the class before entering the virtual room. If you have already purchased a membership or pass, you only need to register for the class. Zen Planner has just introduced a new feature. When you register for a class you will immediatly get the Zoom url. Click on Zoom Link to enter the virtual classroom will come with your confirmation email. If you already have Zoom you just need to enter the meeting number.

Please register for every class you wish to attend. We will be cancelling classes with fewer than 3 students. 

See our class descriptions to read more about our offerings.

Before You Join Your First Online Class

There is some technology involved, so please allow some extra time to get set up at the beginning, especially the first time that you join. For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone. This way, we can both see and hear you. You have the option to join class without video from your end if you prefer. Although it is nice for us to see each other!

Step One:

Before your first virtual class, go to www.zoom.us/download and download either the Zoom client for Meetings (for computers) or the Zoom Mobile App (for phones). Please use the same email address we have for you at Devi Yoga. If you have already used Zoom before you will only need to put in the meeting number on the opening Zoom page.

Step Two:

You can join a test meeting by clicking here to make sure your audio and video is working so you can be ready to join your first class.

Step Three:

Register for a class by clicking on the class schedule. Please register a a minimum of two hours before class start time to give time for any trouble-shooting. Zoom Link to enter the virtual classroom will come with your confirmation email.

Step Four:

10 to 15 minutes before class start time go to Zoom link to join, get settled and say hello.

Step Five:

Position your device so you can best see and be seen.

Online Class Pricing 

For new students we offer an introductory special of 5 classes for $25.  Purchase here.

When you click on a class to register, if you have a pass or membership your registration will go right through.

A drop in class is $10. (Scroll to bottom of membership options).

Online Class Schedule

You can see the weekly schedule here. All classes on our schedule are attended online. Please note that we are all learning as we go, and making schedule changes to try and make it work better for everyone. Everyone’s schedules are shifting with working from home, not working, not going out.  We’d like to know what times you prefer for yoga.  Please let us know.

For those looking for a more interactive online yoga experience, we have designated 2 classes on the schedule as small classes. There will be no more than 5 people in the class, and the class will not be recorded. These classes are for those seeking feedback on their flows. At the moment we are not charging more for these classes. We are just responding to what we saw as a need.

  • Thursday, 10:00 am Basis (Gentle / Beginners) with Bronwen

Access to Online Recordings 

All those with monthly memberships receive full access to all recorded classes at no additional charge.

Those with class cards will receive a link to the recording of the class they attend.

As a thank you gift we will give access to all our online recordings to all who give a donation of any amount.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Class Experience

Create a space for yourself where you can roll out your mat, have a strong wifi signal and minimal background noise. In order to have a smooth start, please plan to arrive into the virtual classroom 10-15 minutes before class start time.

Place your mat in a place where you can best see the teacher. If you want to be seen, be sure your video is turned on and that there is enough light.

Props that will be useful are:

  • A Yoga Mat
  • Two or more Yoga Blocks
  • A Yoga Strap (10ft)

Other props that could be added to your home studio:

  • Yoga Bolster
  • Eye Pillow
  • Small Pillow
  • Blanket

If your internet connection slows down during class try turning off your video camera so that you can still see the class, but you can’t be seen. This helps decrease the load on your wifi connection.

Thank you for your patience as we learn and implement this new way to share the ageless wisdom of yoga which is so relevant to helping us flow with more ease through these times!