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Free Pranayama and Meditation classes

It’s a great time to start a daily meditation practice. Medical research has shown that meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, improve focus and memory, increase resiliency, and improve quality of life.

Expand energy and consciousness.

8:00 am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with Brahmi – Click here to register 

8:00 am Sunday with Wade – Click here to join live

Basics Prāṇā Vidya – Click here for replay

Free Yoga Nidra Class

An hour long vacation. 

Tune into Yoga Nidra and tune out your stress.

You just have to breathe. 

This is a guided meditation through the layers of your being. Breathe, listen, go deep within. You may discover a whole world within. You may discover your Self.
What else are vacations for?

Bill is graciously donating this class to the community with compassion. It is an easy way to de-stress and stay connected.

You don’t need a yoga mat. You don’t even need to have your camera on. If you don’t have a computer you can join audio on your phone (+1 929 205 6099). You can even do this class lying in bed. What have you got to lose besides stress?

Sunday 5-6 pm.  Click here to register 

Free Classes for Essential Workers

TriYoga Boston, a non-profit center, wishes to thank all those providing essential services during this pandemic. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress and improvewellbeing. As you help keep us fed, safe, and healthy, we hope you will take advantage of our offer and help keep yourself well.  

We are offering one month of free classes to all working in front-line roles: grocery/food workers, health care, police and fire, transit, etc. Classes are offered online, for all levels. We also have ongoing free breathing and meditation classes.  If you are interested, please sign up here and we’ll email you instructions for joining your free online classes. 

How to join an online class