Pura Vida Costa Rica

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While happy to be back to our beloved center, also feeling that I left a bit of my heart in Costa Rica. What a beautiful country with beautiful, sweet, happy people. The whole country feels yogic. In Costa Rica the universal salutation is ‘Pura Vida”.  According to Wikipedia: Pura vida literally means pure life.  Pura = pure and vida = … Read More

The Healing Power of Yoga

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I personally found TriYoga in 1993 when I was recovering from unsuccessful wrist surgery. The surgery actually made the pain worse, leaving me angry and depressed. I delved into yoga as a way to combat the depression and ended up finding much more. For the first time in 17 years of yoga practice, I began to experience subtle energy. Up … Read More

Mind Makeover

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This January, instead of focusing on resolutions, I decided to do a mind makeover.  For me, this meant taking on a new mantra.  For the past year and a half I have focused my mind on the powerful Raksha Mantra given by Sri Swamiji: “Om Aim Hreem Sreem Shivarama Anaghaa Dattaya Namaha”.  I repeated this mantra (over) 350,000 times (the number … Read More

Construction of New Studio Has Begun!!!

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We are very excited that construction has finally begun. Can you see our beautiful medtiation garden here?          Here are our new studios:         And this area will be our office and meditation room.         In case you want to do a drive by, here’s what the front of the building … Read More

108 Salutations

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On New Year’s days 9 brave souls showed up for our special New Year’s Cleanse and fund raiser. We began by discussing the significance of the number 108.  It is a very sacred and powerful number. Hindu dieties have 108 names. There are 108 beads on a mala. It has special mathematical properties (you can look this up). Other interesting facts … Read More

Giving Thanks

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After 9 long months of negotiation we finally signed a lease for 60 Prospect Street. The negotiations were complicated and difficult, not the kind of stuff to be shared widely. But now we are now moving forward as quickly as we can to obtain a building permit. The first step was the engineering department and presented our first post-lease obstacle. … Read More

Sidewalk Sale Photos

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Once again the weather cooperated for our 3rd annual sidewalk sale. Thought you might wish to see a different view of the center pre-sale. It is an almost overwhelming job to carry everything up the stairs, organize and price it all, then get it all set up in the morning. But we had some happy customers, and were able to … Read More

Annual Sidewalk Sale – September 11

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Our annual sidewalk sale will be Saturday, September 11, 9-2:00.  This is usually a fun time for the entire community. Now more than ever WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this a successful fund raiser.  This is a great time to get rid of clutter and contribute to the center. You can bring your stuff to the center any time … Read More

Minutes of Annual Meeting

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  TriYoga Boston Annual Meeting July 14, 2010   Present: ·          2009 Board Members: M.Bratt, President, B. Gold-Berstein, Treasurer, K. Henighan, secretary, J. Hidaka, Teacher Representative, N. Otmakhova, Vice President.   ·         Community members: Elizabeth Tice, Betsy Cole, Roberta Taylor, Dina Becze, Nancy Smith, Ben Niedermeyer, Hannah Gilligan          Financial reports reviewed and … Read More

Board Votes to Move Forward with New Center

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We are a big step forward to creating a new center. The last big hurdle before the many small construction obstacles is signing the lease.  There are still a few things to be worked out, but we are reasonably hopeful they will be.   This new large center will serve and expand our community, and apply the knowledge TriYoga to … Read More

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