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Director of TriYoga Boston, senior TriYoga Teacher, certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), E-RYT 500. Practicing yoga since 1975, teaching since 1982. I met Yogini Kaliji in 1993 at the Unity in Yoga 100 year celebration of Vivekananda bringing yoga to America. It was a mudra class and I felt the energy immediately. I have personally experienced the healing and transformative power of TriYoga and witnessed it work its magic for so many others. After a high tech career of 25 years, including authoring 3 books, I now devote myself to ensuring the knowledge of TriYoga is available to those who seek it.

Flowing Through Change

Yoga teaches us how to flow through change by remaining in the present, not remaining attached to the past, or anxiously projecting into the future. This year has been one of many changes and challenges for all of us. In March we all quarantined in our homes to flatten the curve […]

Group Classes Suspended – Join Us Online

      Our mission is to help our members optimize their health and well being. While coming together in a supportive sangha usually enhances well being, this extremely virulent virus puts us all at risk. We are a center that focuses on therapeutic yoga, and have many vulnerable students. The expert advice […]

Giving Thanks and Ahimsa

A few years ago there was a turkey in our neighborhood who would walk in front of your car, tail feathers fully extended, stop you from proceeding, and start pecking the tires. The neighborhood named him Vern L’Heights, set up a Facebook page, and started posting photos. He was a […]

A path to bliss?

This affirmation appears at the end of Kaliji’s Air Yoga Nidra. The air element relates to the 4thchakra, the heart center. One day, as I was reading it, I realized this was not just an affirmation to open the heart – it could in fact be a direct path to bliss. […]

Yoga and Balance

When I ask students what their goals are for their yoga practice “improving balance” often comes up as one of the replies. I truly believe that Yoga is one of the best things you can do to improve balance. In fact, yoga is all about balance – balancing strength and […]

The value of yoga? 

    What is the value of your yoga practice?  Does it help you relieve your back pain? Relieve stiffness? Stress? Manage anxiety? Clear your mind? Help you focus? Stay present? Improve relationships with others and yourself? Does yoga help you live your life better and more fully or is […]