TriYoga Method

TriYoga is a complete yoga method that incorporates the full range of timeless, traditional practices, including TriYoga Flows, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), Prana Vidya (pranayama – breathing practices, dharana – concentration, and dhyana – meditation), chanting, and Jnana (timeless yoga teachings).

The TriYoga flows unite posture (asana), rhythmic breath (pranayama) and focus (mudra). TriYoga flows bring the awareness within to the subtle flow of energy. Working from the outside in. TriYoga flows increase strength and flexibility, improve the quality of the breath, focus the mind, open you to inner wisdom and guidance, and ultimately lead to union with universal consciousness.

TriYoga flows were inspired by founder Kali Ray’s (Kaliji) experiences with Kriyavati (kundalini inspired spontaneous hatha yoga flows). TriYoga is systematized from Basics to Level 7. Props are used to enable safe practice and ensure comfort. Anyone at any level can practice safely, without the risk of injury, and receive the full benefits and knowledge yoga has to offer.

To date the TriYoga method includes 7 teaching manuals, a rich variety of YogaFlows® for each level, and systematized pranayama and concentration techniques. To support a home practice, Kaliji has produced a series of TriYoga Flow DVDs that include Free the Hips, Free the Spine, Strengthening, Gentle Cardio, Seniors and Yoga for Two. DVDs on a variety of additional topics are planned and will be released on a regular basis.

TriYoga is taught in over 40 countries by more than 2000 certified teachers, and 60 TriYoga Centers and Communities have been established, including centers in Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United States.

Here is a video of Founder Yogini Kaliji with a beautiful demonstration of TriYoga Flows.

The KRIYA community membership site contains podcasts, videos and music, some available for free, and much more for members.