Yogini Kaliji

Yogini Kaliji
Founder Yogini Kaliji

Kaliji is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga®. Her quest in yoga began at an early age. As a young child in the United States, Kaliji was naturally drawn to self-inquiry and meditation and as early as age three, she would sit quietly in deep reflection. When interviewed recently, Kaliji stated, “Yoga is my very breath. Yoga has been with me since birth. As early as my memories go back, I was experiencing various yoga disciplines from within. These direct experiences bring students to learn yoga.”

Traveling extensively, Kaliji has taught TriYoga on a daily basis for over 30 years. She has presented 45 keynote addresses, major presentations and in-depth programs at yoga conferences and other venues worldwide, and has been featured widely in the media. She was featured in the bookSecrets of the World’s Inspirational Women, with photos of the women in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. Kaliji’s presence, her mastery of the flow and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired and transformed countless lives.

In the tradition of ancient yoga, TriYoga is guided by Kriyavati siddhi as it flows through Kaliji. She has systematized asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), and dharana (concentration techniques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000 hasta mudras (hand gestures) have expressed through her. TriYoga, which includes the full range of yoga practices, is taught in 40+ countries by over 2000 certified teachers (300+ in China), and 60 TriYoga Centers and Communities have been established, including centers in Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United States.

In addition, Kaliji is co-founder of Chant Club®, a music ensemble presenting Sanskrit chants in call-and-response style. She is a vocalist and plays harmonium. Inspired by her love of animals, Kaliji has practiced the vegan plant-based lifestyle for over 30 years.