A path to bliss?

This affirmation appears at the end of Kaliji’s Air Yoga Nidra. The air element relates to the 4thchakra, the heart center. One day, as I was reading it, I realized this was not just an affirmation to open the heart – it could in fact be a direct path to bliss. Kaliji has a knack for creating practices that are a direct path. No need to dilly dally opening up each chakra one by one when you can open the central energy pathway and blast right on up – like a “rocket ship” as Kaliji has called TriYoga. I decided to make this my sankalpa.


A sankalpa is an intention created to align with your heart’s deepest desire. My previous sankalpa was that “I am not suffering”. That was a very useful sankalpa when I learned I needed shoulder surgery and knew it would be another 7 months before I was out of pain. It is possible to have severe pain and not suffer. Through the sankalpa I became aware of other ways I was suffering, such as on a tech support call that I thought would last 15-30 minutes and 2 hours later, when my morning productivity had been shot and my tech issue still was not solved I witnessed myself with my head in my hand, and realized I was indeed suffering. I laughed. Suffering ended. My sankalpa worked! But not suffering is a far cry from being forever in bliss. 


A sankalpa is said in the present tense, as if it were already true, whether or not it is. As a reflection of your heart’s true desire, it is indeed your truth. But frankly this is a BIG STRETCH for me. I am thankful for the healing and transformative practice of TriYoga. While all the yamas and niyamas are important, and daily tapas is essential, this sankalpa is drawing me into an exploration of Īśvara Praṇidhāna, surrender to the divine. Maybe easy for some, but not for me. I am so grateful for Kaliji’s guidance, taking it to heart.


“When we realize we are a river of the divine flow, we surrender. Obstacles dissolve as a river can not block itself.”  Kaliji

Off to the mat now, excited and inspired to infuse my practice with this heart opening intention. 

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