A Decade of Transformation

This November marks the end of TriYoga Boston’s 10-year lease. Covid threw a big wrench into our plans for expanding into a wellness center with a variety of complementary therapeutic modalities. We had to close the center, move all classes online, and cease all wellness practices. We do know know when group classes will again be safe. Therefore, we need to let the center go.

While we are very sad to be losing the hOMe we worked so hard to build and sustain over the past decade, we want the focus to be on a celebration of the past decade at the center, acknowledging the transformations it has supported, and the community it has brought together. It is our intention to continue to serve our community without interruption. Online classes will be ongoing even as we change our reservation system and online class platform. We will continue offering pranayama and meditation and yoga nidra for free or by donation. These are classes that have been shown to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety, and require no yoga mat or space to do yoga. You can even join by phone. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can better serve you.

If you have a mat at the center, you can schedule a time to pick it up. We also have yoga props and clothing for sale.

On Columbus Day, October 12th, 11:00 am we will hold an outdoor class at Pierce House, 17 Weston Rd, Lincoln. This class will be by donation.

The Center’s Transformation

Many have remarked that their stress starts to fade away as they walk down the ramp, into the beautiful garden, hearing the sounds of the waterfall. This meditation garden was a vivid vision for us. But this is how it looked before transformation.

Original space
After transformation

We might have been crazy to see a waterfall here. Ira and Dina built a lego model first. Then we brought in a crane to move huge boulders into place. When it was all done we had no idea if or how it would work. And it worked perfectly!

Before the waterfall
And here’s the waterfall

We transformed every inch of the inside – all the walls, all the floors, the bathrooms, the HVAC system. This is what we started with.

Sink needs to go
Along with the asbestos tile floors and paneled walls
Walls Going Up
Community work weekend. Dusty, dirty, hard work. Committed community.
Community work weekend. Bob, Ed and Brahmi. Many pitched in!
Community work weekend. Brahmi and Ira

The Center Transformed

A hOMe for Community Celebrations

Over the past decade we have had many wonderful community celebrations and retreats. We look forward to the day when we can again gather in celebration.

A Center for Yoga Therapy

Over the past decade we hosted many therapeutic yoga workshops with incredible teachers including Jnani Chapman’s Yoga for Cancer, Steffany Moonaz’s Yoga for Arthritis, and Sherry Brourman’s Seeing Bodies Therapeutically, and our own Yoga for Wellness and Parkinson’s development with the APDA, and with Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga.

Acknowledging Our Benefactors

TriYoga Boston is non-profit center, and unfortunately was never really profitable enough to sustain itself. If not for the generosity of our benefactors, we would have had to close our doors many times over.

Some of our benefactors have given thousands each year, some gave small amounts each time they bought a new pass. To everyone who donated money to TriYoga Boston in appreciation to the center, we give our deepest and most humble thanks.

  • Ben Neidermeyer & Joanne Hidaka
  • Ira  Bernstein & Brahmi Gold-Bernstein
  • Hannah Gilligan
  • Meg Newhouse
  • George Isaac
  • Michael Bratt
  • Bronstein, Erica
  • Ruth Landsman
  • Alan Sooho
  • Lorrie Jacobsohn
  • Nancy Smith
  • Amy Marks
  • Bronwen Heuer
  • Nonna Otmakhova
  • Faye Gold
  • Kathleen Henighan
  • Ellen Matathia
  • Marilyn & Bud Maillet
  • John Dunton
  • Dina Becze
  • Michael Rosenfeld
  • Anjana Bose
  • Kalpana White
  • Nancy Deckard
  • Kyoko Loverin
  • Bill Casey
  • Blake A France
  • Ramaa Prakash
  • Stephanie Schaffhausen
  • Marilyn and Michael Sweeney
  • Ifat Rubin-Bejerano and Yaniv Bejerano
  • Pat Hilpert
  • Elaine Wong
  • Helen Flaster
  • Karen Sebastian
  • Lorraine Halgas
  • Lynn Hughes
  • Donna Chaput
  • Heather Fitzpatrick
  • Kathering Blake
  • Ekaterina Maslova
  • Patricia Lewis
  • Terry Loffree
  • Patti Lewis
  • Ed Teixeira
  • Bret Leifer
  • Daniel Orlansky
  • Linda Landesberg
  • Carol Williams
  • Diana Schlosser
  • Denise Jaillet
  • Steve Aiello
  • Dale Welch
  • Jay and Terry Gupta
  • Gail Raymus
  • Samantha Szubakowski
  • Susanne Whayne
  • Sylvia Mignon
  • Warren Croce
  • Stephanie Rippe
  • Tina Goldsmith
  • Doug Bates
  • Gaby Fryklund
  • Joanna Bratt
  • Michael Luba
  • Pamela Wood
  • Roberta Taylor
  • Elizabeth Cole
  • Nancy Koumantzelis
  • Mariia Yelizarova
  • Marisela Lara
  • Karen Herther
  • Sergey Aris
  • Buchholz, Dorothy
  • Genevra Piedmonte
  • Janice Uguccioni
  • Mariana St. Germain
  • Bill Adamuska
  • Helen Batty-Tallett
  • Jing He
  • Wade Kimbrough
  • Gail Lenehan
  • Loretta Domurad
  • Vicky Kruckeberg
  • Deckard, Nancy
  • Give with Liberty
  • Jennifer Poit
  • Michael Basso
  • Sophia Argent
  • Susan Wilhelm
  • Caroline Bryer
  • Elizabeth Tice
  • Halloran, Rick
  • Jammie Simonds
  • Rick Halloran
  • Linda Lee Rabin
  • Linda Weinreb
  • Angelica Mari

Special Benefactor – Ira Bernstein
Ira has been a great benefactor to the center. He built the front desk with TriYoga logo on the front, the tea cabinet, and the shoe bench. Ira also attended to innumerable other maintenance issues at the center. He and Dina Becze designed and built the waterfall. Through the years Ira has helped numerous other maintenance projects.

Ira, his mother and then brother, loaned a substantial amount of money to the Center for construction costs. We will be able to pay his brother off, but not $50,000 of the loan due to Ira. When the center closes, this loan will be retired. Thank you Ira for enabling so much at the center. 

Special Thanks
To Ed Teixeira for laying our floors.
To Dina Becze and Karen Sebastian for designing the garden.
To Lynn Hughes and other garden helpers for garden maintenance.

Acknowledging our Founders

Our dedicated Board of Directors and teachers worked tirelessly creating the center of our dreams. Weekly, sometimes daily, planning, deliberating, choosing, and working! Lifting boxes of tiles, laying tile, scrubbing grout, scrubbing floors, scrubbing walls, doors. Backbreaking work sometimes, done with hearts full of love and appreciation of TriYoga.

The weeks before the center opened with a visit from Kaliji there was still MUCH to complete. Each morning we met in the meditation room (the only clean finished room) and practice the devotional Pranām Salutation before starting work. It was our intention to imbue the center the energy of our practice, and chanted the Gayatri mantra while flowing. Brahmi chanted mantra non-stop while scrubbing grout and plaster off every surface. Every surface covered in mantra. Putting the right energy into the center so it reflects the right energy.

Our vision was to create a beautiful and sacred space to present TriYoga in an optimal setting and provide a comfortable hOMe for our community.

In appreciation to the founders of TriYoga Boston. 

  • Brahmi Gold-Bernstein
  • Michael Bratt
  • Joanne Hidaka and Ben Neidermeyer
  • Lośīnī  Jacobsohn
  • Erica Bronstein
  • Nancy Smith
  • Dina Becze
  • Meg Newhouse
Board of Directors meeting – we met a LOT!

And in appreciation of all who served as Board Members over the years:

  • Michael Bratt
  • Joanne Hidaka
  • Brahmi Gold-Bernstein
  • Lośīnī  Jacobsohn
  • Erica Bronstein
  • Bill Casey
  • Andrea Kushman
  • Nancy Smith
  • Roberta Taylor
  • Betsy Cole
  • Kyoko Loverin
  • Kathleen Henighan
  • Ifat Rubin-Bejerano
  • Ruth Landsman
  • Mariana St. Germain
  • Nonna Otmakhova
  • Ira Bernstein

A Special Thanks to all the TriYoga Teachers

What makes the center most special is the dedication of our wonderful teachers. We teach to share the knowledge of TriYoga, because we consider it to be a great benefit in our own lives. It is deeply rewarding to see the practice benefit others. Please leave a note for your favorite teacher(s).

Growing Community of Transformations

We feel privileged to witness transformations in those we work with as students, yoga therapy clients, and teacher trainees. We would like to hear from you. If you have an experience of TriYoga you would like to share please send it to us!

I'm so sad to hear the center will be closing. But I am also grateful for the healing, depth, and richness it has given me. TriYoga has been a central part of my life and the source of peace and connection with my inner wisdom, with the ocean of pure consciousness. It's been a place where I'd come to seek tranquility and direction in the midst of life's greatest challenges. It felt like coming home to myself. Thank you for opening the doors leading home. 
Thank you for being the spirit of the center and thank you to all teachers for their presence and commitment.
I'll look forward to seeing you online!

Mariana S. October 11, 2020

It was a very special place with very special people.
I am sad that it is closing.

Gaby F. October 11, 2020

I received this email announcing that the center will not re-open. This is sad news but as you say this is a very difficult time and the future is very uncertain. I feel so happy that I had the chance to meet with you and to visit the beautiful center last year. 
A good thing that the pandemic has brought to me is the possibility to take the morning pranayama and meditation classes with Brahmi and also to undertake the level one Triyoga training on-line. This has been a blessing for me. As it was to have met you at the little studio in Waltham so many years ago.  I will  always be very grateful to all of you and Triyoga. 

Betina F. October 11, 2020

Triyoga Boston, has been such an integral part of my life for so many years, it is hard for me to imagine what my life would have been without it..............

Brahmi, with her generosity of spirit and indomitable will, has created a community of truly amazing people. I have been supported through difficult times and have come through the other side stronger. How lucky am I!!!  I am forever grateful....

Joanne, TriYoga Instructor October 2, 2020


Guta R. October 2, 2020

My experience at Tri Yoga was and is pure bliss! This is it, this is the place to be for Yoga. It is a peaceful, beautiful and welcoming space to practice Yoga. Classes can also be challenging, they have it all. The teachers are smiling, ready willing and able to teach proper body allienment...thank you! They are also mindful to teach modifications as needed.
So peaceful, beautiful, mindful, challenging, bliss....this is the place I have been looking for for three years!!!. Thank you TriYoga for being here!

Nancy M October 2, 2020

TriYoga has improved my wellbeing tremendously.

Stephanie S. October 2, 2020

A wonderful place to do yoga.

Aeenie L October 2, 2020

Great studio. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Debbie K. October 2, 2020

I love Triyoga Boston. A friend and I were looking for a way to get some exercise together after work, and decided to try it out.

It's become the highlight of my week! It's helped my back trouble tremendously, made me more flexible, and the deep relaxation at the end is very rejuvenating.

And the teachers are very accomodating, finding ways to help those of us who are less nimble. In the other yoga place I went, I felt like a rhino amongst gazelles - here, they have a variety of classes at different levels with people of all ages and body types. Try them out!

Kathy S. October 2, 2020

Very centering and relaxing. Miraculously good for the back and strengthening.

Nonna O. October 2, 2020

Best yoga ever, relaxing, stretching, instructors take time to make sure you get the moves properly, considerate, concerned, fabulous. When you leave - the problems of the world have been lifted from your body and your spirit and you are.....at peace.

Liz T. October 2, 2020

Triyoga has a great selection of class levels and professional teachers that focus on techniques and experiencing the best yoga for you I like to attend the Monday class with Joanne after a weekend hiking or jogging. It gets me prepared for the week and reduces the stress of my business.

Tom L. October 2, 2020

I had an excellent five day training on Yoga for Parkinson's. I learned so much excellent information and skills to apply in my yoga teaching.

Sandy UL October 2, 2020

I loved my experience at TriYoga. I did a workshop with Hanna and it was amazing!!! I work with kids who have been diagnosed having autism and this is soo helpful! The staff is kind and insightful and the space is gorgeous!

Jennifer M. October 2, 2020

I have gone through the yoga therapist training program at Triyoga Boston and had a fantastic experience. Brahmi and Lorrie, the co-directors of the program, are terrific teachers. They also bring in amazing and inspiring outside faculty to teach many of the program's specialized offerings.

Lynn HS October 2, 2020

I love TriYoga; the teachers are really dedicated to ensuring that the classes are tailored to the students' needs. It's an excellent studio, and I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for a friendly but still challenging experience.

Rebecca F. October 2, 2020

I have practiced yoga since I was a young adult. I discovered TriYoga about eleven years ago and am ever more enthusiastic about both the teaching and this Boston Center. I love the style - the attention to form, the inclusion of flow and integration of breathing. It is a total mind/body/spirit practice. The teachers are highly trained, excellent, and devoted; and there is a strong feeling of community. There are many extra yoga-related and social events, and pioneering workshops in therapeutic yoga. Brahmi, the founder is amazing and she sets the standard for commitment, excellence, continual learning of the wonderful teachers.

Meg N. October 2, 2020

Of all the yoga options in the metro west area, TriYoga Boston keeps me coming back for more. The free meditation session on Sunday got me in the door, and the basics class keeps me coming back. I really like the energy of the studios and everyone inside. The community is friendly and welcoming, and the environment encourages self exploration.

David L. October 2, 2020

Have been going to TriYoga Boston for nearly 5 years and I can genuinely say it has changed my life. Physical therapy had done what it could to return mobility to an arm broken near the shoulder; TriYoga stretching and exercises have completed the rehabilitation. Hip and joint problems are a thing of the past. The instructors are patient and thorough and attentive and the entire practice is well run in a very inviting setting. I've tried other yoga studios and this is by far the most appropriate one for me.

John D. October 2, 2020

Easy, gentle, relaxing -- no pressure or competition. Three sessions in and my daily back pain is reduced 90-100%. Very reasonably priced. Very clean and friendly. Highly recommend.

Pam W. October 2, 2020

This is an amazing studio, they have a huge range of classes from beginner to expert, everyone is friendly and welcoming. There are also meditation classes. I truly get a community feeling from here, they even have potlucks once in a while, so much fun!

Bridget K. October 2, 2020

Becoming a virtual member of TriYoga Boston has been life-changing. After three months of classes on Zoom, my back pain has melted away while I’ve been safe at home. No visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist needed! I am amazed. Thank you, Brahmi!

Helen F. October 2, 2020

This new center is beautiful, serene and wonderful in every way. And, best of all, it reflects the style of yoga that is practiced here.

About 5 years ago, after a five year hiatus of not doing yoga, and a number of knee operations and too frequent cortisone shots, I went to a number of yoga classes in various venues including gyms. When I complained to my son in California about how unsatisfying they were -- a series of asanas unconnected to each other and taught by different teachers with different styles every time-- he said to me, "Well pops, you are in luck because one of the 6 TriYoga centers in the US (although there are many in other countries) is located in Waltham, 7 miles from your house.

I went to one class, got hooked, and have never looked back.  All the teachers are great, and I go 4- six times a week, my overall health has improved and I haven't had a cortisone shot in years.

Michael B. February 11, 2018

I absolutely love the Yoga taught here.  It is a meditative and healing type of Yoga...definitely what I enjoy.  The teachers are all very knowledgable and patient - I learn so much from them.

Jean B. February 11, 2018

I absolutely love TriYoga Boston. There are beginning to advanced level classes so if you have never tried yoga just start with the Basics Class. I started with the Yoga Basics Class and now do Level 1 and Level 2 Yoga Classes. There is also Level 3 Yoga Class that I have not attempted yet. The class levels are designed to systematically build on one another so EVERYONE progresses in a safe way.

I also highly recommend the many workshops that are open to everyone, for example  Yoga for Arthritis or Yoga for Cancer.

The Therapeutic Yoga classes and training are superb!  The teaching staff is very accomplished and composed of professionals with 500 HR RYT to MD's to Yogini Kaliji founder of TriYoga.

If you are looking for yoga classes, weekend workshops, teacher training, and/ or a yoga COMMUNITY TriYoga Boston is the place to go!

Heather H. February 11, 2018

The most relaxing, calming, strengthening yoga ever!  Instructors take time to assist if required, all levels available, end-of-session meditation is hypnotic with insight and positivity.  Pricing is fair, facility is new and clean.  Friendly clients, welcoming environment, personal attention is a plus.  Balance, strength positive mind, feeling connected and at ease are some results.  I've been going for 15 years and would never go elsewhere.  Well-trained staff, reasonable pricing, and walk out feeling refreshed, renewed and positive!

Elizabeth T. February 11, 2018

“Tried out the free class and have been taking classes here ever since. The place is really clean and the teachers are friendly and helpful. Ruth is a master teacher and a really great lady.”

Becky S. January 28, 2018

“I typically attend the gentle yoga class. It has allowed me to practice breathing for mindfulness and relaxation. The benefits are greater than massage therapy, in my opinion.

Brahmi is an excellent yoga instructor - she teaches things in a memorable way, is attentive to your personal needs and suggests appropriate modifications, and is highly experienced and leads teacher trainings. I've enjoyed learning from some of the other yoga instructors too.

The studio itself is clean and comfortable. It has a more down to earth, everyone's welcome vibe, compared to some other yoga studios. And it seems like an ideal choice for those with special health conditions or physical limitations.”

Melissa L. January 28, 2018

Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or are seeking a more challenging yoga practice, you should definitely check out TriYoga Boston (located in Waltham, MA). I highly recommend TriYoga; it is a lovely studio with a warm and welcoming environment. I have taken several of the classes offered at TriYoga, and I have consistently been impressed by the individual attention offered by the instructors at TriYoga. The class sizes are relatively small compared to classes at other yoga studios I've been to, and the instructors are willing to provide suggestions and individual instruction/assistance with different yoga poses.

TriYoga offers various levels of yoga classes, and the non-judgmental environment in the studio allows yoga students to learn new poses and advance in their practice of yoga without feeling singled out or overwhelmed by other students who may be more experienced in their practice.

Becky H. January 28, 2018

I've tried lots of exercise and fitness classes and never stuck with any of them. A friend and I tried the Wednesday evening Free the Spine class, and I love it! The classes have greatly improved my core strength, flexibility and posture, and I don't get the lower back pain and sciatica I've had in the past. And, what's equally important, I like going to class! The studio is beautiful and very clean. Looks like I've finally found something I'll stick with 🙂

Kathy S. January 21, 2018

I discovered TriYoga after 20 years of doing other styles of yoga, and this has been by far my best experience. The teachers are great, and I've seen real gains in strength and flexibility. There's something meditative about the way the postures flow into each other -- I feel calm and relaxed after each class. Plus the center is beautiful!

Erica B. January 21, 2018