2019 Teacher Training Schedule and Fees

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200 Hour TriYoga Teacher Training

Proposed 2019 Schedule 

Note: The following program is subject to change based on the soon to be released new TriYoga Certification Handbook. The Techniques, Methodology and Practicum modules are not expected to change.

Techniques – 100 hours Date    Hours
Earth Flow and Prana Vidya Feb 23-24 16
Water Flow and Prana Vidya Mar 30-31 16
Fire Flow and Prana Vidya April 27-28 16 
Air and Space Flows and Prana Vidya May 18-19 16 
Additional Techniques  classes 36
Teaching Methodology – 25 hrs
Earth Flow and Prana Vidya June 1 6
Water Flow and Prana Vidya June 2
Fire Flow and Prana Vidya August 3 7
Air and Space Flows and Prana Vidya August 4
Anatomy & Physiology –20 hrs
Yoga Anatomy TBS 15
Subtle Anatomy 5
Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics 30 hrs
Yoga Sutras TBS 12
Yamas & Niyamas online & in-class 6
Garden Diet March 16-17 12
Earth Flow Practicum August 5 5
Water Flow Practicum August 6 5
Fire Flow Practicum August 7 5
Air and Space Flows Practicum August 8 5
Teach Basics Classes September – Oct  5

Registration Documents

Certification Handbook

Internship Application – You can now complete your registration online. 


Total cost of full training: $2800 (includes the Certification Manual and Certification fees).

If you already own the Certification Manual: $2692

SAVE   One payment at start of training: $2500.  Direct link to register.

If you already own the Certification Manual: $2392. Direct link to register.

10 Month Payment Plan: $280 per month (includes manual)  Direct link to register.

If you already own the Certification Manual: $270 per month.  Direct link to register.

Individual Program Fees: 

Students who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice may attend individual programs.

  • Techniques:  $108 per day  Direct link to register
  • Methodology: $90 per day
  • Philosophy: $45 per 3-hour session
  • Prana Vidya: $150
  • Ahimsa Garden Diet: $125 per day

Refund Policy:

Students who pre-pay for the full program receive a $300 discount. If a student withdraws from the program all programs already taken will be charged at the full rate and remaining tuition will be refunded, less a $108 fee.
The manual fee is not refundable.