800-Hour Yoga Therapy Training

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The TriYoga Boston Therapy Training Program is a holistic, client centered, and evidenced based, taught by highly credentialed faculty. It includes a full set of assessment tools, case study protocol, and extensive clinical practicum and mentoring opportunities. The full spectrum program offers a flexible schedule with rolling admission, providing flexibility for people who work full time, have families, and other life commitments. Students can start as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for a scheduled start date to begin yoga therapy training. The program is structured to enable students to pay as they go, making it more financially viable for many students.

The TriYoga Boston yoga therapy methodology is a wholistic approach based on the five kośas. Interns learn to use a array of assessments and formulate yoga therapy interventions using the full scope of yoga practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, concentration, meditation, mantra, chanting, diet and life style changes. TriYoga Boston offers a monthly yoga therapy clinic and weekly therapeutic group classes.

Trainings are usually held on weekends, with the addition of five 5-day programs and one 3-day program, spread over three years. In an effort to make the training more accessible and affordable, there are no large up-front fees. Students may pay for individual programs as they go. Payment plans are also available.

The program takes a minimum of three years and students have up to six years to complete. 

Interns also have access to a password protected site where they can download assessment tools, practice sheets they can give to their clients, and participate in discussions with directors and other interns.

Applicants must have RYT-200 hour status and one year of teaching experience. Training can be in any yoga style.


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